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Montezuma Fire Protection District 


Address 2405 South B Street, Stockton, CA 95206

Phone: (209) 464-5234

Contact: Chief Edward Martel


The Montezuma Fire Protection District provides fire protection, suppression and prevention,
inspection, hazardous material, water rescue, basic and emergency medical, and aircraft rescue
firefighting (ARFF) services for the Stockton Metropolitan Airport. The District’s service area is
divided into two areas, both of which are located southeast of the City of Stockton. The total
service area is approximately 5,795 acres and service is provided to various density residential,
commercial and industrial uses, the Stockton Metropolitan Airport, and a portion of the Northern
California Youth Correctional Center.


1. Formed in 1958

2. Enabling Act: Health and Safety Code 13800-13970 (Fire Protection District Law of

3. Governing Body: Board members are elected at large and serve 4-year terms

4. No. on Governing Body: 3

5. Meeting Schedule: Board meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month
except in January, May, and July which are held the second Wednesday of the month.
Meetings are held at 2405 South B Street, Stockton, CA.

6. Financial Report: